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Donations by Interac E-transfer

Step 1: Add CECC as a contact via your financial institution of choice

Contact details are as follows:

  • Name/Contact: CECC
  • Notify by recipient by: Email
  • Email: donate@cecctoronto.com


Step 2: Send an e-transfer to CECC

Select CECC as the recipient

  1. Input your offering amount and select your bank account of choice
  2. Ensure that notify “By email” is selected and sent to the email address: donate@cecctoronto.com
  3. Please use the following fund codes to allocate your weekly offering:
  • GF – General Fund
  • MF – Mission Fund
  • BF – Building Fund

All donations submitted by Interac e-Transfer without a fund code will be considered “General Fund” donation

  1. For the security question, any question can be selected but the answer must be “ceccdonate”.
  2. When sending e-Transfers, please include a message with the fund codes along with either your full name and address or offering number. If no name or offering number is provided, the donation will be considered unreceipted offering.
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