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Sunday School Guide – April 5


Here is a worship guide for you and your children to follow along at home.

1. Prayer

  • (Start with Dear Heavenly Father/ Dear God or Dear Lord Jesus Christ, and say the following in your own words)

  • Adoration – prayer of praise to God (how great/ awesome God is!)

    Confession – prayer of confession for our sins (confess any sin committed this past week)

    Thanksgiving – prayer of thanks for all the blessings God has given us

    Supplication (Intercession) – prayer for our church, our country, the world, for the pandemic, for

    those in need including ourselves, for our frontline workers, doctors, nurses, grocery workers and delivery staff, etc.



2. Songs of Praise

Sing along as you watch these songs:

3. Scripture Reading

For pre-school to Grade 4: Matthew 21:1-11

Additional Passages for Cross Reference (for Grades 5 & 6):

Mark 11:1-11

Luke 19:28-40

John 12:12-19


Memory verse: Matthew 21:9

“Hosanna to the Son of David!

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD!

Hosanna in the highest!”


4. Lesson: Palm Sunday

Preschool to JK: Sermons4Kids

For SK to Grade 4: Discussion guide at 4 Soils

For Grades 5 & 6: Getting Started, Digging Deep, Making It Real


5. Closing Prayer

  • Dear Father God, thank you for Your Son King Jesus, who came to earth, become human and identified with us, yet without giving in to sin. Help me to praise Jesus and rejoice in Him always, because in Jesus I have every reason to praise You and be joyful — my sins are forgiven and I am made new! Lord Jesus, please help me to celebrate and remember Your first coming with gladness and praise even in the midst of this pandemic, and help me to live for You by loving and serving others as I wait for Your second coming. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

6. Activities

Please see the activities at Sermons4Kids.com. Suggested activities: Coloring page, Maze, Crossword, Decoder, Jumble, Word Search, Group activities.

For Parents to Remember

– Thank God for giving us the time to still be able to worship and praise in such time.

– Family worship will bring warmth , joy and comfort to your family members.

– Do not forget to call or engage your church friends through the use of technology(Chat/text/call etc.)

Come join us!
Come and have a time of worship, prayer and fellowship with us on Sundays @ 9:30 am (English Service) and @ 11:15 am (Mandarin/Fukien [Minnan] Service)

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