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In-Person Service Update

Dear Christ Emmanuel Church community,
We have been monitoring the public health situation over the past few weeks, and prayerfully meeting to discuss how we can balance keeping our community safe while continuing God’s work.

We have decided to pause on in-person worship services throughout January, with a plan to gather again on Sunday, February 6, 2022. Services will continue to be posted online weekly, and we will continue to run online fellowships like Sunday School, Chinese Prayer Meeting, Junction, TIC TAC, Messengers, Mandarin Fellowship, Life Groups, and others.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email any of the deacons, pastors, or at cecc@cecctoronto.com.

Thank you, stay safe, and have a merry Christmas!



      我們已經決定從現在開始到明年1月底之前,暫停星期日在教堂舉行現場主日禮拜,包括英文堂和中文堂,並計畫在2022年2月6日(星期日)再次恢復在教堂舉行現場主日崇拜。英文主日崇拜和中文主日崇拜都將轉為網上進行,我們將繼續提供每星期日的網上主日崇拜,我們將繼續進行網上的各類事工,包括網上兒童主日學、網上中文禱告會、網上大學生團契(Junction)、網上中學生團契(TIC TAC)、網上青年團契(Messengers)、網上國語團契、網上生命團契(Life Groups)等。



Come join us!
Come and have a time of worship, prayer and fellowship with us on Sundays @ 9:30 am (English Service) and @ 11:15 am (Mandarin/Fukien [Minnan] Service)

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